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New Location for Dr. David Gutman

As of July 28, 2014 Dr. David Gutman has relocated to a new location, at 366 N. Broadway, in Jericho, New York 11753. Our office is conveniently located on Route 106/107 just half a mile north of Ikea, at exit 35S on the Northern State and 41S on the Long Island Expressway. You can contact us at (516) 495-5280 or

We will continue to focus on the diagnosis and treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux, Silent Reflux (LPR), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Barrett’s Esophagus, GI Cancer Prevention, and your overall gastrointestinal wellness. We will be offering a wider range of state of the art treatment options for these disorders.

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Eosinophilic Esophagitis Responds to Proton Pump Inhibitors

Reflux Center of Long Island

Research has shown that more than a third of patients with eosinophilia  of the esophagus respond to Proton Pump Inhibitors with resolution of the findings clinically and on biopsy. Eosinophilic Esophagitis is an allergic disorder seen in adults and children who develop scar tissue and narrowing in the esophagus food pipe due to a food allergy. The most common symptom is swallowing disturbance but heartburn and regurgitation are very common. It is called Eosinophilic Esophagitis due to the presence of allergic cells called eosinophils on the biopsy specimens of the esophagus. It is usually treated with dietary elimination of potentially offending food allergies. It can also be treated with swallowed corticosteroids that coat the esophagus.

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What Is The Difference Between Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis

Progressive Gastroenterology

Many times, people will say they have diverticulitis,a dangerous condition, when they have the more benign and common diverticulosis. Diverticulitis is a serious infection and inflammation of the bowel wall. It requires treatment with antibiotics, and often leads to hospitalization and surgery. People with diverticulosis have large intestinal pockets  called diverticula. From the inside of […]

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What Can I Eat With Diverticulitis?

Progressive Gastroenterology

Diverticulitis is a serious infection of the bowel wall caused by rupture of a small pocket leading to inflammation, tenderness, pain, and often fever and difficulty with passage of the bowel. It is an acute illness, occurring suddenly but takes a long time to resolve. On the other hand the condition of having the pockets […]

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Plavix and Proton Pump Inhibitors | Your risks of heart attacks on PPI revealed.

Plavix and Proton Pump Inhibitor

My cardiologist told me to stop Nexium because I have a coronary artery stent and take Plavix. Now my reflux is much worse. What should I do? Patients with coronary artery disease, often require stents to be placed to improve blood flow to the heart, prevent angina, and protect against a heart attack. Patients with […]

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How Should I Take My Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI)?


Proton Pump Inhibitors are potent blockers of production of stomach acid. They are truly remarkable medications and have provided hundreds of millions of people relief from heartburn and ulcers. PPIs  have had a major impact in prevention of cancer of the stomach and esophagus. Although you swallow the pill and it goes into your stomach, […]

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