About You

That’s right, this section is not about me but rather about YOU! In fact, this entire website is for you. We want to go from a disease driven medical model where doctors make diagnosis and prescribe a treatment plan to one where the PATIENT IS EMPOWERED.

This website is also meant to be interactive. We need your input. Write comments. Share on Facebook and Twitter. Email to your friends links for their reading. Pin your favorite pictures. Give a Plus to reach out to your circles. Share, contribute, participate. Long gone is the pedantic physician who tells you what to do. Dr. Gutman is here to partner with you and foster good health, through communication and education. And that communication goes two ways, both in the office and on this health site.

How to care for your body is something you need to be knowledgeable about. Of course you won’t always do the “right thing,” but here we offer you answers and solutions so that it is your choice. Answers are key, as without the right information, we are often driven by fear of unknown consequences. Solutions are key so that you can be the master of your health to the extent that you wish to be.

No one plan is right for everyone, but participating in your own health is your opportunity to dictate what you want out of life. There is no one diet for everyone. By offering you diets that are customized for different needs, you can ask the right questions at your health visits, and experiment with what makes you feel well. No one medication is right for even two people with the same disease, so you need to be knowledgeable about your options.

Nutritional supplements are very popular now, but these are not regulated by the US FDA. Who is giving you advisement as to what you need? Is it the salesman at the health supplement store with no medical background. This is no way to get guidance as to wellness. This website is about you, enabling you to guide your path, advocate for your health, be knowledgeable about your options, and empower you in your care. So here is to your health.

Be Well,
David M. Gutman, MD, FACG
Director of Reflux Center of New York